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Create positive change in others and become a Wobble™ Instructor today.

As a qualified Wobble™ Instructor you will be equipped with the knowledge, expertise and the motivation you need to launch this brand new class format which is designed to offer an entry point to exercise for those who require a seated class with optional standing exercises.

This may be because of restricted movement or the effects of ageing. Our aim is to positively embrace people of all ages and abilities.

Who are Wobble™ instructors?

Wobble™ training is open to care workers/activity co-ordinators, fitness instructors and health care professionals such as physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists.

If you want to inspire and motivate people of all abilities to find a love of exercise then our Wobble™ training is for you.

Our  training is online with full support from Rebecca and Sarah.  It provides all the tools you need to launch your own Wobble™ classes.

Wobble™ training is endorsed by EMD UK: The National Governing Body for Group Exercise

Good To Know

How is the Wobble™ training delivered?

Once you have booked and paid you will have access to the online course  via the Wobble™ web site as well as the recourses and marketing tools.  Your course is delivered via presentations, slideshows and videos and two Zoom sessions: one on the theory with Rebecca and one on the practical element with Sarah.


What does the course cover?

Our  course is aimed at providing learners with the knowledge and skills required to be able to deliver a safe and effective seated group exercise to music class using the popular Wobble™ formula.  The training takes into account the specific needs of those who would benefit from the Wobble™ programme.  For example your participants could be older, frail, inactive, sedentary, obese or in recovery. A 45 minute  Wobble™ class is also  provided demonstrating the format and  formula with music suggestions.


Learning Outcomes

To gain a basic understanding of the relevant anatomy and physiology of the human body to be able to teach a Wobble™ class.

To gain an understanding of the changes to the body with ageing.

To gain a basic understanding of some of the common conditions found in older people and the common causes of falls.

To understand the clinical reasoning for the movements incorporated into a Wobble™ class and learn methods to incorporate this knowledge into a class.

To understand the modifications needed to carry out a successful Wobble class compared to a 'standard' exercise class.

Is there a Pre- Requisite?


This course requires a minimum entry of L2 Exercise to Music, Gym Instructor or DFQ.

NVQ Level 2 in health & Social Care, Level 2 Diploma in Care.

Qualified health professionals for example Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and nurses.

How do I take the assessments?

The assessment is a combination of theory and practical. Multiple choice and Q&A for the theory and a Zoom assessment for the practical. 


How long does the training take?

You have 6 months to complete the training.

  • Online training
  • Training manual
  • Training videos
  • Assessment and certification
  • Marketing material & recourses
  • Business support
  • Online class advertising
  • Choreography & music suggestions


Pre requisite:

  • A qualification in health care or a fitness qualification.

Cost: £299 (No on going fees)

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