What is Wobble™?

A seated exercise to music class.

Wobble™ offers an entry point to the millions of people who would benefit physically and mentally from a seated exercise class.

Ideal for those who cannot stand for the duration of a 45-minute class and would like the option to sit or stand.

Inactivity, ageing, illness or injury can result in a loss of functional ability. Wobble™ focuses on exercises that help to improve strength, mobility and confidence.

It is sociable, fun and will boost your happy hormones. Our fabulous playlist and engaging formula will ensure you leave with a smile and a feeling of positivity and well being.

Wobble™ has been created by Sarah Goldsack and Rebecca Flint


Sarah is the creator of Paracise™

"Once I had Paracise™ up and running I realsied there was very little on offer to the many people who would benefit from our wonderful Paracise™ programme but who could not stand for the duration of a class. The idea for  Wobble™ was born.  I met Rebecca at a well being event she spoke very passionately about making exercise accessible to all ages and abilities. We joined forces to create Wobble™ classes and an instructor training programme".


Rebecca is a chartered physiotherapist

"I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2004 and very quickly developed a specific interest in the ageing body and working with older people.

I spent 12 invaluable years in the community as part of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team; this included 3 years as a community matron, working with patients with complex, long-term health conditions. My role was to educate patients to manage their conditions and be a communication point between GP’s, A&E, social services and community leisure services. In 2018 I moved fully into the private sector to develop ‘Flint Physiotherapy’ – this enabled me to provide a high-quality service to my clients without being confined to strict criteria and time constraints.

I have always strived to help my patients safely move away from health services and into leisure – as a Physiotherapist, I see my role as encouraging people to enjoy activity while managing different impairments and disabilities.

Collaborating with Sarah Goldsack has encompassed all these goals – nothing beats being able to rehabilitate an individual and then see them enjoying a Wobble™ class. They are getting stronger, more flexible, more confident, meeting new people and most importantly, having fun!"

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